Types of Timber Frames

Our types of Timber Frames homes range from small to large and everywhere in between.  We can build a size that fits your needs.

Each style has been uniquely named after one of the Finger Lakes. Such homes include "The Conesus", "The Keuka", and "The Cayuga". See below for a complete list.


Our homes include several designs both under and over 2,000 square feet:



The Camden
1,360 Sq. Ft.


The Interlaken
1,008 Sq. Ft.


The Keuka
1,280 Sq. Ft.


The Lodge
936 Sq. Ft.


The Snowbird Lake
1,856 Sq. Ft.


The Branchport
2,160 Sq. Ft.


The Canadice
2,280 Sq. Ft.


The Canandaigua
2,680 Sq. Ft.


The Conesus
2,016 Sq. Ft.


The Honeoye
2,545 Sq. Ft.


The Oneida
2,880 Sq. Ft.


The Richmond
2,016 Sq. Ft.

The Seneca
2,318 Sq. Ft.



Timber Frame Camps have several unique and inviting elements that are also energy efficient and sturdy. Our camps stand the test of time. A camp has a a large common area with a beautiful vaulted ceiling and a separate sleeping loft. Our camps easily accommodate a couple or small family.

Porches and Entryways

Timber Frame porches add elegance to the most used and prominent part of your home. Adding a timber frame porch is a beautiful way to highlight the entryway into the rest of your house.