Construction Process

At Timber Frames Inc. we generally begin the construction process of your new home with an invitation to our office/model in South Bristol, to meet us personally and see what we do.  Upon this visit, the steps needed to further the design of your new home are also determined.  Each Timber Frame home and therefore each build is unique, but the steps are generally as follows:

  1. Material Choice - Peruse and choose from the varying types of materials available for the core of your timber frame home.  While you are at our model, we encourage you to take a tour of our Timber Frame shop, to see our crew working at their craft.
  2. Design - Some of the homes we have built are designed by our own design team at Timber Frames, and others have been drawn up by independent architects.  We start the design process by a visit to your site. In doing this we can walk the land and determine the best feel for views, approaches and your personal preferences for tire home placement. We can then offer a "ballpark" estimate for your individual project.
  3. Blueprint - After the site visit, and discussion of your personal wants and needs of the home, we will develop the actual blueprints for your Timber Frame. 
  4. Cutting the Frame and Establishing Foundation - When the blueprints are complete, we order the components to start cutting the frame for your new home (often times we can begin shop processing right away due to the large inventory of timber we stock at our facility). As your frame is being cut, it is at this time that the foundation can be completed and the subfloor installed. The foundation is back filled and the area prepared for our crew to deliver your timber frame home.

When we are finished with what we call our "basic shell" your home is protected from weather damage and ready for mechanicals and finishes.
We partner with better builders and architects throughout New York state to build your Timber Frame home.